Shizzle Dizzle explodes in the music industry !

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Shizzle Dizzle was born as Damian Hughes on December 15th, 1984 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Having two older brothers already in music, one a singer, and another a dancer Shizzle was born into
music and became a dancer from birth, something that came naturally to him. At the age of six he
moved to Kingston, Jamaica where he grew up on King street and while attending St. Anne’s Primary
School he was always freestyling with his friends, singing over Bounty Killer and Beenie Man songs.
Once he started following top Dancehall artist Bogle, he knew he wanted to pursue dancing as a
career, from there he was always the first one on the dance floor. That’s how a former friend of his
came up with the title Shizzle Dizzle as his stage name; (Dice, may he rest in peace.) He said it was
different and unique, and that’s how he always described Damian. In Jamaica, Shizzle would dance
for fun on the streets at parties and in his community at local events. In 1996 at the age of twelve, he
migrated to Canada to live with his mother and that’s when he became even more serious about

In his early 20’s already identifying himself in the dancing world, he played around with singing as
well. Growing up he was constantly in and out of studios, creating his own dance moves, and wanting
someone to sing about them, but couldn’t get no one to do it the way he envisioned it. That’s how he
himself became an artist, no one could tell him this wasn’t meant for him, from writing dance songs,
this made him fall more in love with music. Shizzle has always kept to his roots and listened to artists
such as Danger and Collinjah growing up, who would now shape the way, teaching him how to write
and deliver music. Coming from the dancing side and now being on the singing side, he already knew
what it took to put on a performance.

His first single named Warm Up based on a dance move he created, dropped in 2006. In 2019 he
dropped his sizzling album ‘Sauna’ featuring his hit song called Come Closer. Currently he is working
on videos for his hits ‘Feeling Like This’ and ‘Cyah Trust Dem’. From birth family members would
describe him as trying to be before his time. Always wanting to run, before he could even walk,
wanting to sing, before he could even talk. Although you see Shizzle in front of the spotlight all the
time, what you may not know is he does a lot of behind the scene work as well. All his songs are
selected, mixed, mastered and created solely on his own.

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